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Welcome to the qeenote scrapbook

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Thanks for dropping by 🙏.This is a space to discuss the themes of this website are all things arty: art, design, music, design tools and related passions. Posts here will be short & sweet and will invite readers to take part in discussions with me or other readers.

To kick things off, here's short example clip created using Apple Keynote ( my 'go to' tool for simple graphic compositions). The video was rendered using iMovie for more advanced transition effects and audio alignment than is available in Keynote. I've muted the soundtrack on this clip - please go to VIDEOS for the unedited version.

This picture was also created in Keynote using advanced gradient fills and shape subtraction using...

a stretched ☁︎ shape - and 'tatty' shape frame for surf effects.

Finally, all this site's buttons were also made in Keynote with a quick copy/paste/save in Preview to create PNG files for uploading. Here's an example button graphic.

I made a few more custom shapes for the buttons. For example, the brush tip was made by editing a speech bubble 💬 and the two halves of the round shape were made using overlapping circles with the subtract feature.

All the characters and objects are simple compositions of Apple Keynote shapes. What do you like or would do differently? Do you have any questions for me? Please comment below. 😎

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