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Rekindling the passions of youth

Hi, this is me, Nige, the face behind this site. I've decided to grow old disgracefully by putting my mind to the things that held my attention in the '70s: 🔸art 🔸 music 🔸graphics 🔸 writing.  And some things I've learnt to enjoy since: 🔸storytelling🔸web design 🔸 video making 🔸 travel 🔸 food 🔸 alternative cultures.

influencers & heroes - clive james - frank zappa - philip k. dick - ken kesy - david gilmour - ernest hemingway - fritjof capra - carlos castaneda - russell ackoff - leonardo da vinci - jimi hendrix - ian dury - aurora aksnes - jimmy page - dave grohl - the beano - viz - banksy - the greta thunberg - list goes on...

I am interested in helping with graphical design, videos & website creation for others from time-to-time.  Please let me know if I can help with your project.

Thanks, and  please enjoy flipping through my qeenote  content, it'll be updated frequently so be sure to take another peek every now and then.


This is designed with mobile users as 'first order' citizens.  I tested on  emulators and my o iPad and iphone, however, please let me know of any issues on your device.

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