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 graphic designs, art, music & written word 
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 "An inspiring, entertaining yet real account of a life lived with no detail spared, from thoughts, feelings and experiences. Written in a way that makes you feel as if you are living the life you're reading about in a movie-style banner in your mind. Very engaging and a joy to read."

"The style reminds me of

Tom Sharpe."

"Its style  is really easy to follow and has some very charming qualities."

"I loved all the funny anecdotes and of course related quite often to some stories and characters. It was certainly a journey and I felt fulfilled at the end. 

... a little feeling of Terry Pratchett in the way he writes thoughts and opinions within his work."

"I don’t read that much and, if a book doesn’t capture me in the first couple of pages then…. reading on becomes a slog and it gets shoved away! Your opening pages were relatable and drew me in to read more and, I enjoyed doing so!"

in the works...
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All graphics on this site were created by me unless otherwise stated. The site was designed & created by me.

High resolution versions of the artwork are available upon request.

design, music, stories

these are a few of my favourite things.

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